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There are some examples of what is possible with Cheper.
Please remember, that Cheper is an early alpha version. Currently 0.3 - so there ARE bugs and you WILL encounter them.

The big advantage of Cheper is its "plugability", that means Cheper comes with the ability to generate various formats with only one code.
Currently Cheper supports SVG, SWF, PDF, JPG, PNG, WBMP and GIF. Also not only the drawing formats are plugable, also are the charting formats. Currently Cheper comes with support for line-, bar-, pie- and security code charts. An example for creating a music sheet is included.

For SWF (Currently disabled, as my ISP only supports version 0.2a), the free Ming library is used, (Get a free SWF-Player for your platform here)
for PDF, the free FPDF library is used, (Get a free PDF-Reader for your platform here)
for Image generation (PNG, JPG, WBMP and GIF (if installed)) the standard PHP-routines are used,
for SVG generation a Draw-Plugin developed by me comes with Cheper.(Get a free SVG-Viewer for your platform here. Firefox/Mozilla users should either download a current nightly build which comes with builtin SVG-support or take the new version 6 beta)
Support for PIMP (when and if it ever will be ready) is planned. Update: I guess we won't see PIMP any more...

Everything, from the Draw-Plugins to the Chart-Plugins is fully customizable and extendable.
PHP 5 OO is used and Interfaces exist for plugin and format development.
Which is, actually, pretty easy...

Some Documentation is here. I used Doxygen to generate it.
A small code example of how to use Cheper is here. The generated image of this example is here.
Cheper understands named colors, see here. And you can also define color-sets yourself and merge them with a Diagram.

Have fun and check out everything!
In the extended examples always all formats are generated (SVG, SWF, PDF and PNG).
By the way, if you load the examples multiple times, they'll change every time.